High chance of severe

By: weathermanZ, 06:40 AM GMT del 13 Aprile 2012

There is a powerful low pressure system moving in tomorrow that is expected to bring high winds, heavy rain, snow to the higher elevations, and possible thunderstorms to Southern California by 12-1 pm. Seeing the coloration, form, and pattern of the clouds this evening (when the sun was still up a fair amount) along with what the low was/is already bringing to Northern California (downbursts, high winds, severe thunderstorms bringing hail and lots of rain), tomorrow...


By: weathermanZ, 06:19 AM GMT del 30 Luglio 2011

@~7:57pm-~8:12pm (PDT): Developed cumulonimbus (thunderstorm) clouds spotted ~75 miles east of Lancaster. One group was in the mid stages of development and had lenticular (lens shaped clouds)/pileus (cap) clouds capping the cell; and the other group was in the advanced stages of development forming an anvil. Because our forecast indicates increased convection, I suspect we will very likely be seeing some good thunderstorms in the near future! The atmospheric condit...

Mojave Desert/AV weather

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