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From Freezing Rain to Giant Hail, Great Plains Endure An Icy Weekend

Dr. Jeff Masters, Gennaio 16, 2017

Director of Meteorology, Weather Underground

Freezing rain materialized as expected during the weekend over a large swath of the central U.S., from Texas to Illinois. The ice has been widespread and prolonged, yet the ingredients haven’t come together as they could have for an intense, truly catastrophic ice storm. At least six highway deaths have occurred during the storm, and more than 20,000 customers have lost power in Texas and Oklahoma.

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Fear and Loathing, Irony and Deception

Dr. Ricky Rood, Gennaio 10, 2017

Professor, University of Michigan

Political messaging, which I always view as a sin of omission or information hiding, is deceptive. It is, however, standard behavior in politics and business.

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Steve Gregory, Gennaio 13, 2017

Sr. Forecaster/Risk Analysis, Weather Intel Services


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Using Water Vapor Images to Quantify Atmospheric Water Vapor Is Bad Science

Lee Grenci, Gennaio 7, 2017

Retired Senior Lecturer and Forecaster, The Pennsylvania State University

Commentary about the misuse of water-vapor imagery on television.

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U.S. 24-hour State and City Snowfall Records

Christopher C. Burt, Dicembre 20, 2016

Weather Historian, Weather Underground

Winter has descended with a vengeance for much of the nation this December. Although heavy snow has fallen in many areas no all-time snow records have yet been set so far with the exception of Binghamton, New York where a new single-storm snowfall record of 27.6” occurred on November 19-22. However, the city’s 24-hour snowfall record of 23.0” on February 2-3, 1961 was not matched. Here is a brief summary of the greatest 24-hour snowfall records set in each state and at a selection of 70 or so major sites in the U.S.

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The 99th New Weather Geeks Episode, The Director of the National Weather Service

Dr. Marshall Shepherd, Dicembre 16, 2016

2013 President, American Meteorological Society
Director of Atmospheric Sciences, Univ. of Georgia

2016 was a big year for weather. We saw Hurricane Matthew, devastating flooding, drought, and more. How did the Director of the National Weather Service see the year from his perspective. For example,...

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Portlight 2016 Year in Review

Portlight, Dicembre 21, 2016

Disaster Relief Organization

Portlight year in review 2016. A look back at the way 2016 shaped the lives of thousands in America by disasters and how we responded thru preparation and action.

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First Rain of the Season for Southern California

Zachary Labe, Settembre 13, 2015

Northeast Weather Analyst

The remnants of Hurricane Linda will track toward southern California in addition to a deepening trough. This will allow for a moist, upslope flow to provide the first widespread rain of the fall season across the region.

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