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By: Zachary Labe , 02:34 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008

Earth Day 2008-
(April 22)

(Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area)

Brief thoughts...
Well one of my least favorite topics is the topic of climate change. Typically I try not to get into conversations or debates about the whole idea, though my opinion means little in the whole scheme of things. But as Earth Day approaches it is time to reflect on climate change and human's impact on our environment. As the population of Earth increases and resources become more limited due to expansion of suburbs and cities, nature’s most precious resources are put on threat. And now is the time for preservation and conservation. Included in this blog are pictures of State Parks in Pennsylvania. These are some of my pictures from around the state. My goal of this blog is to help make people aware of the environment and to help show people the beauty of the planet.

(Hyner View State Park)

History of Earth Day...
During the 1960s and 1970s, an environmental movement occurred across the United States. Many new environmental laws were announced along with some federal organization. The main start of the environmental movement was after the book "Silent Spring" was written by Rachel Carson. The book described on the effects of fertilizers effects on the environment. The book created lots of stir along with farmers and other people, leading to the agency of The Environmental Protection Agency's development on December 2, 1970. I have read "Silent Spring" and it is a very interesting book and I recommend it to most anyone. Early that same year in 1970 senator Gaylord Nelson announced plans of an environment awareness day to be held in the spring. Officially in a few years that day would hold the title of the present day "Earth Day" which is held on April 22 every year. Also in the 1970s the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act were formed, helping to cut back on water and air pollution. These regulations from those acts are still being followed today. Every Earth Day, activists plan larger and larger plans for the new year on how to conserve the environmental. The Weather Channel is one of the big leaders in preventing climate change.

(Swatara Creek State Park)

Climate Change...
The major topic in the world of science in the past few decades is CLIMATE CHANGE/GLOBAL WARMING. Scientist for decades have been investigating the warming of the planet and the shrinking of the ozone layer. But only recently has the real awareness begun. With the Weather Channel hyping global warming everyday and the movie Inconvient Truth by Nobel Piece Prize Winner Al Gore, the public being completely aware of the possible effects of global warming. Though more and more people are looking at the other argument that human influenced global warming is not occurring. But it is hard to go against the facts the past decade has been the warmest in a long time with the year 2005 being the warmest on record. And just this recent March last month take a look at the temperature anomalies.

("Courtesy of NOAA")
And it is hard to against the fact the past winters have been getting warmer. Most people would admit that. The last real severe winter worldwide was the 2002-2003 winter. Now this past winter (2007-2008) broke many snow records, but overall it was not too cold.

("Courtesy of NOAA")
Notice the increasing temperatures each decade during the January to March time period. And now looking at snow cover since 1970 you can see the diminishing snow cover. Though this January the widest North America snow cover occurred since the 1960s.

("Courtesy of NOAA")
So it is easy to see that based on these graphs the severity of winters has been overall decreasing. Though I bet some New England and Great Lakes folks were argue that after the dumping of snow they received. Now here is also something very interesting. Look at this United States population map compared to a carbon dioxide output map. Note the areas with the largest populations have the largest CO2 output. Now most people already know this, but this C02 map shows the areas the need improvement.
"CO2 emissions"

(“Courtesy of NASA”)
"Population Map"

(“Courtesy of Wikimedia”)
So overall it is very visible that population has a great impact on Carbon Dioxide Emissions. And note one other thing, Pennsylvania is one of the key contributors to the CO2 emissions. And it is up to us to make a difference. Now that I have showed you some of the facts below are some of my thoughts on global warming.

(Pennsylvania Grand Canyon)

My thoughts on Global Warming...
Well I am usually not to vocal about my thoughts on climate change, and especially I do not usually express them here on the blog. But since Earth Day is basically a climate awareness day, I decided to explain some of my thoughts. Honestly I am not really on the bandwagon like many people about global warming. I have done quite a bit of research on the subject with both arguments have I am satisfied with my solution of only cycles. Now I know it is impossible to ignore the facts that recently it has been overall getting warmer. But I believe that the Earth goes through several cycles such as ice ages and warm periods. Take for example the time period in the late 1500s. This time period was much warmer than it is currently today. This is how Greenland got its name. Now today Greenland is frozen tundra. But in the 1500s it was a warm climate where there were many green valleys, hence the name Greenland. The Vikings discovered Greenland, and those people concluded that the land was very fertile. But as another cycle occurred a century later the "Little Ice Age" occurred and this is when the Vikings population disappeared. After the Little Ice Age occurred the global temperatures warmed up and they have been warming every since. I believe the sun has a large impact on the Earth's Climate. And recent research shows that the sun is entering a new sun spot cycle that is abnormally low. And NASA's research shows that low sun spot cycles are correlated to low global average temperatures. And released by the Florida Science Research Center, they believe in less than a decade the Earth will enter a period of dangerously cold weather. This story has even recently been presented to the White House this year. Link. Now I do believe humans do slightly contribute to the warming of the Earth, but I do not think it is as extreme as some scientists make it out to be. And I am willing to help the Earth by changing my daily lifestyle slightly to even make the smallest of differences.

(Little Pine Creek State Park)

Earth Day 2008...
Well yes it is that time of year again. The time where many people who abuse the Earth's resources throughout the year decide to go out and conserve and plant a tree. Though that is great, but Earth Day should be every day. And while I do consider myself a big environmentalist, I still try to conserve energy and continue to plant large gardens and trees each year. Even if humans do not make that large of an impact in the whole scheme of things, still little things can make a big difference. As usual each year Earth Day festivities get larger and larger, especially with companies such as "The Weather Channel" promoting climate change so rapidly. So in this section I thought I would provide some interesting facts about conserving energy and preserving the environment that can be done by anyone and costs only a little bit of time and money.

First off let me start with Light Bulbs... The new fluorescent light bulbs are the way of the future. Conserving and using about 75% less energy than the typical incandescent light bulb, the fluorescent bulbs may be a new solution in the fight against global warming. Here are some interesting statistics from PP&L electric. For those who may not know, PP&L electric are a popular Pennsylvania power company. From a time period from last November through January, over 70,000 people took a survey are then received two free fluorescent bulbs (including me, lol!). So around 140,000 bulbs were given out. Those bulbs save over 6.9million dollars in energy costs. Also the bulbs have the same effect as planting 12,000 trees and taking over 8,000 cars off the road. I am proud to say most of my light bulbs are the new fluorescent and I plan this Earth Day to replace all of the other bulbs that are left.
The bulbs also last 10x longer and give off 75% less heat, which makes the bulbs safer, and much more energy efficient. If every home in the United States replaced one old bulb with a new bulb then over 600million dollars in energy costs would be saved and over 800,000 cars would be taken off the road in green house emissions. The only problem with these light bulbs is they contain slight traces of mercury and must be recycled at your local waste management company when they burn out.

(“Courtesy of Energy Star”)

Here is another idea. Think of all the plastic bags that you go through in a week, let alone a year. Then all those bags go into land wastes and end of blowing away into the local environment. Reusable totes are an idea that many major companies are advertising, especially grocery stores. If you bring the bags every time you shop then plastic bags will not be necessary. This is equivalent to taking tens of thousands of cars off the roads.

Overall recycling and planting trees/flowers is a basic way to go and can help conserve the environment greatly. Many organized groups will take part in cleanups on Earth Day and plant trees around local parks.

Overall there is an immense amount of options on ways to conserve energy. From buying new appliances such as a washing machine will save 50% more energy and use 50% less water than a washing machine older than 10years. When buying new appliances look for the ENERGY STAR symbol. That means it is approved by the EPA and gives off little carbon emissions. Here is a list of websites that I compiled that offer some great advice on "going green".

Link - Energy
Link - Home Depot Green Department
Link - NOAA Going Green
Link - The Weather Channel strive for Green
Link - TIME magazine climate section
Link - MSNBC going green tips
Link - Environmental Protection Agency
Link - Earth

The list of websites can go on and on. But I think some of those listed above are the best. Some of those sites have interesting surveys and energy meters along with interactive screens that allow you even to test some of the appliances. And even though I only listed a few ideas for going green, there are plenty of other options out there.

(Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area)

Final Thoughts...
While it may seem like I am a full supporter of global warming, I surely am not. Many questions remain unanswered and scientists have a long way to go on the whole scenario. But I fully believe in conserving our planet's resources even if there was no global warming. So for Earth Day 2008 today, go out there and make a difference. Plant tree, pick up litter, buy some energy safe innovations, etc. Any number of small things can make the biggest difference in the long run. I will be interested in hearing what everyone is doing for Earth Day so please leave some comments. Also I will be interested to hear some peoples' opinions on climate change. This is my one and only annual climate blog. Each year for Earth Day a new climate blog will be issued. But as for the rest of the year I plan on not posting anything on climate change unless it is a major headline update. As for myself tomorrow I plan on replacing the rest of my light bulbs with new fluorescent bulbs and getting out there in the yard and planting some plants and seeds along with picking up any litter in and around my home. Have a wonderful Earth Day and enjoy the beauty of our planet. As for some of the pictures I posted of Pennsylvania State Parks. They are some wonderful State Parks worth checking out this summer. Here is a link to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources website (Link). There you can find all of the state parks along with some plans that the DCNR has for protecting PA lands. Have a wonderful day!!!

(Pennsylvania Ice Storm of 2008)

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37. Zachary Labe
07:10 PM GMT del 25 Aprile 2008
New Blog coming soon!!!!
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
36. Zachary Labe
10:28 AM GMT del 25 Aprile 2008
I couldn't get an update out last night on the severe weather threat, so a update will be coming this afternoon. Enjoy another beautiful day!
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
35. TheRasberryPatch
09:41 PM GMT del 24 Aprile 2008
another great weather day here in south central PA.
saw a lightning strike on sunday evening on the baltimore beltway. like i said before the storm i ran into on the beltway most of the way up 83 to the PA/MD line was intense.
grass is really growing. it looks like might have to cut every 5 days for a bit. i need to get my vegetable garden going soon.
Member Since: Gennaio 26, 2007 Posts: 72 Comments: 6338
34. Zachary Labe
08:27 PM GMT del 24 Aprile 2008
Severe Weather Analysis coming tonight...

Possibly major outbreak looming for parts of Pennsylvania.
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
33. Zachary Labe
07:10 PM GMT del 24 Aprile 2008
JDinWPA- I have already seen 8 thunderstorms this year.
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
32. JDinWPA
01:29 AM GMT del 24 Aprile 2008
Yeah, wouldn't be great if most everyone had a solar panel to cut their electric reliance by a third? or more? I think we have decided to build a solar pre-hot water tank heater in the greenhouse. In the greenhouse we don't have to worry about it freezing and the room is 80 and above eight months of the year. Our well water comes into the house at 45 - 50 degrees. For the small amount of time and money it would cost, it's worth a try.

We had thunderstorms move through the area around 4 pm. They were small and just touch us, but I saw my first lightening strike of the year!
31. TheRasberryPatch
01:20 AM GMT del 24 Aprile 2008
Blizz - the last i heard and this was back in the late 80's Princeton had one up and running but it took more to put in then what they got out. I believe it is something we will see sometime this century. Just wish the feds would put a lot of resources to it. I looked up there are a lot of major science colleges and facilities looking into fusion. colleges like MIT, Los Alamos etc.
I have installed a few solar lights for outside. they have gotten so much better the last few years. don't know how much energy is needed but my weather station is solar powered.
Member Since: Gennaio 26, 2007 Posts: 72 Comments: 6338
30. Zachary Labe
12:51 AM GMT del 24 Aprile 2008
Thursday forecast:

Beautiful day with clear skies and full sunshine. Highs should be in the upper 60s to even mid 70s in the far south. Possibly some light morning ground fog with MVFR aviation conditions under 5-6mile fog in typical valleys. Possibly denser at KSEG, KMDT, and KRDG.
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
29. jthal57
12:48 AM GMT del 24 Aprile 2008
Yes, every little bit helps. I haven't converted all of light bulbs to compact fluorescent, but I have by about 30-40%. As the old style burn out, I replace them with the energy efficient ones. But man, if i could afford one good sized solar panel, I'd love to knock-off about a third or more of my electric bill! (plus help the environment)
28. Zachary Labe
12:36 AM GMT del 24 Aprile 2008
jthal57- Yes wouldn't that be great. One thing though I do notice that many outdoor lights, clocks, etc. come with small solar panels. Now they do not necessarily work that great, but little lights like that will help the electric bill and help against the global warming fight. Many people have those solar panel sidewalk lamps. Also even my Vantage Pro 2 has 2 solar panels that generate power for the head console and raditional inflow/outflow.
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
27. jthal57
12:33 AM GMT del 24 Aprile 2008
imagine if you could get a 1-to-2 hundred dollar solar panel that would cut your electric usage by 30-40%! Do you think we'd see a few houses with solar panels?
26. Zachary Labe
12:18 AM GMT del 24 Aprile 2008
TheRasberryPatch- My neighbors have solar panels on their home. Also far as fusion energy reactors. Do you know of any that are up and running? I have heard of it before, but do not know of any up and running.
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
25. TheRasberryPatch
09:55 PM GMT del 23 Aprile 2008
solar power is expensive. a shame we can't get it on everyone's house. but the real future is fusion energy. for those that don't know it is the same way the sun makes it energy by fusing hydrogen atoms into helium atoms. we need to find a way to get these reactors up and running. there is little to no waste. i couldn't even imagine the cost savings.
Member Since: Gennaio 26, 2007 Posts: 72 Comments: 6338
24. Zachary Labe
07:27 PM GMT del 23 Aprile 2008
JDinWPA- Thankyou. Yea they are all of my pictures, photography is one of my hobbies. Thankyou for bringing up some valid points. While I do agree wind energy cannot be used on a large scale basis. I do believe for small rural communities such as in Pennsylvania wind turbines would be a great asset. With all of the ridges in Pennsylvania easily many small wind turbine farms could be made to power the smaller rural communities. And as far as solar energy. At this point I just think it is overpriced, but still a great resource for the future.

***I am so pleased with everyones comments bringing up such valid points, I am going to leave this blog up until the Sunday when I write my weekly normal blog. I still will post forecasts for the next day in the form of a comment. As for Today thunderstorms and showers are building across the west and north. They may struggle to move east of the mountains though and will not be too widespread.
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
23. JDinWPA
02:56 AM GMT del 23 Aprile 2008
Good evening Blizzard. Excellent blog along with some beautiful pictures. Did you take all of them yourself?

Global warming. Is it fact? There is a really good chance it is. But whether it is or isn't, I prefer to take the stance that it is never a good idea to dump your garbage in your front yard. With something like eight billion people living on the planet, that's a lot of garbage being generated in solid, liquid or gas forms. The gas form will disperse the easiest and fastest, followed by the liquid form of garbage and finally the solid form. And all the garbage I generated and thought I was so cleverly dumping in someone else's back yard... will be sitting there one day in my front yard. All the earth's ecosystems are connected; it can't really be stopped.

For my part, I can take resposibility for myself and my family. We have been recycling, planting trees, growing a natural garden, replacing light bulbs... but you know, that's about the least I can do. I hate to admit it, but I have born and raised in a society that gobbles down resources and energy like there's no tomorrow and I am a prime example of my environment. I need to change. How can I expect anything or anyone else to change if I don't?

Sorry I'm on my soapbox here. I've been kind of irrate since attending an Earth Day festival last Saturday and encountering a let's-all-feel-good-we'll-amuse-your-kids-and-sell-you-some-hippie-trinkets-and-potted-plants market. Well, it wasn't all bad, I did pick up some info about solar and wind power.

But I don't see wind power being feasible for individuals on a large scale. Not only do you need a very large chunck of ground, it has to ideally situated from all angles. That excludes most everyone in PA. I would really like to get some solar panels. The prevailing wisdom says that PA is too cloudy for them to be cost effecient. We built and have lived in an earth-bermed passive solar house for the last fifteen years. You'd be surprised how much sun we get even with the lake effect clouds.

But the Pennsylvania government, in its infinite wisdom, has no rebate program available for alternative energy. Our neighboring states do. Hmmm... maybe that's why I've been rather irrate. I'm feeling let down by my government again.

Anyhow, I'm sorry to have rambled on so much here. I usually don't. Let's just say that I'm planning on assessing my energy uses and ways to conserve that energy. Not generating the garbage in the first place seems like the wisest choice.

Thanks for listening and have a good night!!
22. TheRasberryPatch
12:31 AM GMT del 23 Aprile 2008
a great day here and even the golf course was a nice pleasant evening. hardly any wind. high of 71.9. this is the spring i was hoping for about 3 weeks ago. a little late Blizz. next time can you do better. : )
Member Since: Gennaio 26, 2007 Posts: 72 Comments: 6338
21. Zachary Labe
12:07 AM GMT del 23 Aprile 2008
jthal57- Yes perfect day here too.
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
20. jthal57
10:41 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
Blizzard- a beautiful Earth Day...highs 70-72F around Northampton County, picked a big bowl full (the first one!) of lettuce out of the garden. This is near-perfect weather!
19. Zachary Labe
08:35 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
For tomorrow around the state, a weakening front will be moving north of the region with some light rain showers in the northwest part of the state. Highs again in the lower 70s. For the southern part of the state only isolated thunderstorms can be expected with partly cloudy skies.
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
18. Zachary Labe
08:06 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
DS2434- Thank you. Hope you had a great earth day! Just for my curiousity do you also belong to accuweather forums? I have decided to space myself from that site as it just seems to not be as friendly as an environment as it is here at weatherunderground.
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
17. DS2434
08:02 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
Hey Blizzard- great post.

Scary looking waterspout...if that were me, I'd haul it out of there.
16. Zachary Labe
07:57 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
Great day outside today. 71degrees here.
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
15. Zachary Labe
06:20 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
TheRasberryPatch- Thanks. I will look into it.
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
14. TheRasberryPatch
06:13 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
i bet the garden has come alive. i have noticed a lot of things outside have come alive with the recent rains and the warm weather. if you want to save some water the rain barrel is good. some municipalities offer them for free. get the 55 gal.
Member Since: Gennaio 26, 2007 Posts: 72 Comments: 6338
13. Zachary Labe
05:37 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
I just harvested my second batch of lettuce. After the recent rains, my vegetable garden seems to have come alive like wild.
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
12. Zachary Labe
05:16 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
dragonflyF15- Thanks for stopping by. You brought up some great points.

auburn- Thanks. I saw your blog earlier today and it is so ashame to see such pollution around the world.
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
11. auburn (Mod)
04:40 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
Nice pictures Blizz...I have some in my ED Blog also
Member Since: Agosto 27, 2006 Posts: 553 Comments: 52177
10. TheRasberryPatch
04:37 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
Nice post Dragonfly. I hope you keep posting on this blog. We like to post about everything here. Golf and the weather and gardening. I think most people on this blog have similar views as you on the fallacy of the green movement. I just can't wait until we get rid of our dependency on oil. I wish I government would put tons of $$$ into research of other forms of energy. Once we find a way to make Fusion reactions (back in the late 80's Princeton had a reactor, but it took more to put into it then what they got out) we would have cheap energy with no waste products. I wonder whatever happened to the research on superconductors. A shame that they stopped the construction of the Supercolliding Superconductor. A shame the contractors were milking the government, too.
Member Since: Gennaio 26, 2007 Posts: 72 Comments: 6338
9. dragonflyF15
04:22 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
Honestly I am not really on the bandwagon like many people about global warming. I have done quite a bit of research on the subject with both arguments have I am satisfied with my solution of only cycles. Now I know it is impossible to ignore the facts that recently it has been overall getting warmer. But I believe that the Earth goes through several cycles such as ice ages and warm periods.

Well yes it is that time of year again. The time where many people who abuse the Earth's resources throughout the year decide to go out and conserve and plant a tree. Though that is great, but Earth Day should be every day.

I agree. I posted a bit on my thoughts of biofuel and this Green movement. Some of my friends have been shocked that I'm so against it being nature girl and all. We live in a culture of quick fixes, if we are depressed cause our loved one dies, instead of allowing the the healing process to occur, we are given drugs to make us feel better. Same with the green movement. They make these commercials to look like they care, but they really are only selling a product that will make people think they are doing something good cause why? Because they say it's good for the environment. I'm all for coming up with innovative ideas and understand that there will trials and errors in figuring out how to better this world. However I am not for having an idea that was thought to be good but discovered it's not and because everyone jumped on the bandwagon and so much have been invested they won't put the halt on things, look the other way and tell the public that it's good for you. Blah.

Anyways, getting off base here. Mainly wanted to say thanks for the blog and the good key points.

As for the rain barrels, I have them and use a rain garden to collect more water that normally would run off and go down the street into the sewer. It's a great idea for a normal sized yard and personal use. On a larger scale, I know of some companies who have tried it and have many problems. Mainly cause sometimes the ideal location is not where the business wants to have water collecting and etc.

Of course if you live downstream from nuclear waste site....

Anyways, Happy E Day!
Member Since: Febbraio 13, 2006 Posts: 203 Comments: 2156
8. Zachary Labe
04:17 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
Wow I just saw oil prices went up to $118 a barrel.
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
7. Zachary Labe
04:09 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
TheRasberryPatch- Yea that is a monster water spout.
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
6. TheRasberryPatch
03:59 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
the rain barrels do work. i had one at my last house and it filled up fast. the power coming out of the barrel isn't much to talk about. gravity provides the power of the stream. make sure you keep a mosqutio screen on it.
that is a great picture of a water spout. i vacation not too far from there often.
Member Since: Gennaio 26, 2007 Posts: 72 Comments: 6338
5. sullivanweather
03:39 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
They have the Waymart wind farm in Wayne County which I believe is right near Carbondale.

From the top of my road on a clear day I could see the turbines, about 50 miles away from here.
Member Since: Marzo 8, 2007 Posts: 273 Comments: 12612
4. Zachary Labe
03:35 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
By the way there is an awesome picture of a waterspout off of Bethany Beach in Delaware from the tornado outbreak on Sunday. Link
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
3. Zachary Labe
03:18 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
Happy earth day to all! I think in the time we live in known as the modern age that we can all make a difference. And the sources we use now for energy especially here in Pennsylvania (coal) are not the most wise choices to be using. I am a big fan of wind turbines. And as I traveled through South Dakota, Colorado, and Wyoming this year I found it interesting to see all of the large wind farms. Also traveling along the PA turnpike there are some wind turbines heading out towards Somerset and Altoona. Also I believe there are a few up towards Hazleton. Also a question for anyone. Does anyone use those rain barrels to collect water from rain gutters. And how successful are they? Have a great earth day and go out there and make a difference!
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251
2. Zachary Labe
03:05 PM GMT del 22 Aprile 2008
MichaelSTL- My apologies. I did not really do any research into that portion, because I had thought I had heard my story before. But thanks for showing some truth into it.
Member Since: Dicembre 14, 2007 Posts: 288 Comments: 15251

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